My Berry Farm


  • Genre: Freestyle / Pop / Rock
  • Location Scattered, US
  • Profile Views: 205158
  • Last Login: 5/3/2011
  • Member Since 9/6/2004
  • Record Label Joyful Noise
  • Type of Label Indie

Berry embodies the old saying, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” Writing and recording almost 200 songs in 7 years, Berry’s restless musical tumbling seems less like a conscious effort and more like a surrender to creativity’s gravitational pull.

Along the way, they’ve unshackled themselves from CCM‘s chains, cruised down Pop‘s well-paved roads, lept from where Alternative‘s sidewalk ends, charged through Indie‘s boiling tar-pits, and continue to roll bravely towards the densest musical jungle the world has ever known, earning them the right to call themselves what might be the mossiest title of all time – “a rock and roll band.”

For Berry, the whole idea of being a bandis a concept to pursue with passion and creativity. So after years of touring in a standard-issue 15-passenger van, Berry decided to scrap it, and do something that seemed like a neat idea: tour by train.

They packed only the core essentials, what they could roll with in their arms and on their backs. Along the way, they found an exciting new sound, powerful in its simplicity. They also found a music scene that seemed to be running off of the rails, and their music careers grinding to a halt. That tension is the dynamic force at the heart of this new album.

Blue Sky, Raging Sun tumbles across twelve tracks of blurry musical terrain. Stark melodies pierce brooding arrangements. Cascading keyboards wash out into oceanic cymbal crashes. Characters probe into the dark corners of desire. They marvel at nature’s awesome beauty. They sweat to make their dreams come true, and then watch them evaporate into the mean blue sky.


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